Our Earth is our home as much as our body is. Everyday we commit to keep our environmental impact at its minimum and it is fully taken into consideration during each step of the process.

We don't wish to inflict any more harm to our planet and we'll keep working on building a brand that is sustainable and respectful of our surroundings.



We are a small team of two based in Treviso, a smaller town not far from Venice, Italy. This is where our full production takes place, as well as where each item is packed and shipped out to you. We believe that being sustainable, most of all, means being local.



We use Italian fabrics only. Each garment is exclusively made with fabrics that are sourced and produced in our country, Italy, from factories that work under the Italian law that we share. This allows us to support our local fabrics production, to reduce the environmental impact of long-distance transport and to ensure that our high quality standards are always met.



Our underwear is fully made in Italy with the help of one local artisanal lab, led by women who share our values and who prioritise fair working conditions and wages. We find it important to appreciate the timings and teachings of the artisanal work, as hands are alive and able to transfer their energy into their creations. Items marked as "hand-made" are personally sewn in our studio by Alice.



Overproduction isn’t for us. We only produce small quantities at the time, as our aim is to avoid waste and unused garments that pile up in a big stockroom. Each piece should fulfil its purpose: being worn by one of you.



We carefully select our packaging solutions, avoiding plastic and using recyclable boxes and recycled paper for all our cards instead. Our tags and cards are locally printed and cut on paper made out of food waste (like citrus fruits and almond skin).



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